What you need to arrange to prepare and file your annual income tax return for Tax Year 2020

    Detail of sources of income e.g. salary, business, property/rental income, capital gain/sales of land, agricultural income, foreign remittance, inherited receipts/assets, receipts from saving certificates, prize bonds, insurance policies, other investment schemes etc.

2.    Documentary evidences i.e. salary slips (for salaries individuals), financial accounts, bank statements, sales/purchase agreement, bills/invoices, vouchers, copies of cheques, utility bills (electricity, telephone, gas, water, internet) and other supporting documents.

3.    Withholding tax deduction certificates from employer (for salaries persons), buyers/service recipients, banks, cellular companies, internet service providers, housing societies and other withholding agents as is applicable.

4.    Detail of advance income tax (if any) paid during the tax year.

5.    Detail of all business expenses incurred during the tax year i.e. purchases, salaries, utilities, fuel, rent and other admin and operating expenses.

6.    For sales tax registered businesses, copies of sales tax returns and imports bills of entry (if any).

7.    Detail of personal expenses for individuals i.e. utilities expense, school fee, medical, travelling (domestic and international), donation/zakat, property tax, rent, vehicle token tax and other household expenses.

8.    Detail of business and personal assets i.e. plant, machinery, equipment, computers, plot, house, commercial building, agricultural property, jewelry, vehicle, motorcycle, insurance policy, prize bonds, saving certificates etc.

9.    Detail of assets purchased and/or sold during the tax year.

10.    Detail of value of household furniture, personal items (mobile, watch, jewelry etc.) and animals (if any).

11.    Detail of loan receivable or payable.

12.    Other allied and related detail/document with respect to your income and expense.

Please feel free to contact us ,should you need our professional assistance for preparing and filing your tax return for year 2020 or previous years.

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