How Faxton Consulting can help in Business Strategic Planning

·            Formulating effective and tax-efficient cross-border strategies for both inbound and overseas investments.

·            Capitalizing on planning opportunities presented by local tax law as well as treaty network.
·            Structuring acquisitions, divestitures and corporate reorganizations for tax optimization.
·            Staying abreast of new developments within the international arena that affect clients’ businesses, both globally and locally.
·            Advance rulings to lend an element of certainty to non-resident investors in their proposed transactions in Pakistan.

Consulting and advisory

  • Analyzing the tax impact of transactions holistically having regard to direct tax, indirect tax, regulatory and transfer pricing implications.
  • Providing opinions on transactions from a domestic law and tax treaty viewpoint.
  • Identifying tax planning opportunities and addressing potential problem areas in the course of undertaking day to day business activities.


Business restructuring

  • Conceptualization of the proposed structure in the light of business objectives.
  • Structuring the reorganization – merger, spin off, acquisition or capital arrangement – from a tax and regulatory perspective.
  • Implementation support to put the structure in place having regard to tax efficiencies, regulatory procedures and intended timeframes.