What Benefits you can get from tax amnesty Scheme?

Tax Amnesty scheme 2018 announced by Govt. of Pakistan can help individuals and AOPs to get huge benefits.You can talk to the Tax expert for free consultation to convert your black money into white money by regulating it under this scheme.

The government’s tax amnesty could relieve fiscal and external pressures on the economy “if successful”, said Moody’s, the premier credit rating agency in a release early on Friday. “The credit-positive scheme is part of the government’s broader tax reform package” the release noted.


Assistance in registration of the prospective beneficieries with the tax authorities;

Correct computation of value of the assets to be declared to avail amnesty;

Tax avoidance by availing tax cusions available under the amnesty ordinance;

Filing of incom tax returns of the proposed declarants and getting them in ‘Active Taxpayers List’ to avoid excess payment of tax on business and domestic transactions;

Advising on prospective tax effective investment opportunities.